Publishing Packages


Exciting news! I’ve teamed up with my favourite designer, Cheryl Smith of Macarn Design, to provide book editing and design packages. We’re also offering the option of project management right through to printing, distribution, and help with marketing, if you’d rather not go down that path all by yourself.

Cheryl and I have worked together, for both traditional and indie publishers, for more than 20 years. Cheryl runs her own design consultancy, (, and has freelanced for many publishing houses, on school books, recipe books, novels, travelogues, picture books – well, all the books really. She’s won many design awards (many many awards!), and when she’s not making extremely pretty books she designs shoes, cakes, Christmas cards … oh yes, and she designed and illustrated New Zealand’s best-selling children’s book for 2016, Pee Wee the Lonely Kiwi.

For each type of book (picture book, chapter book, novel, or illustrated non-fiction) we’re offering two options:

1.   editing and design, or

2.   editing and design plus project management.

Our pricing is extremely competitive, and we include a wealth of experience, and bucketloads of enthusiasm and creativity.

For further information, including our prices, processes, portfolios, etc, download our PDF brochure: Pick n Mix Publishing.pdf.


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