For Pearson NZ (project manager/editor)

Secondary education:


Atlas Aotearoa Activity Book

Nature’s Fury

Differences in Development

Tongariro (workbook)

Be Wise Revise: Geography

Write-on Notes: Geography


Astronomy Aotearoa

Astronomy Aotearoa Workbook

Life Processes, Ecology and Evolution (award winner)

Life Processes, Ecology and Evolution Workbook

Continuing Life Processes, Ecology and Evolution

Continuing Life Processes, Ecology and Evolution Workbook

The Nature of Science Books 1 and 2 (award winner)


Addicted to Adrenalin (English with Attitude series)

Rhythm in your Bones (English with Attitude series)

Edge: A Cut of Unreal (fiction/short stories)

Social studies

The Changing Face of New Zealand

Discovering Diversity

From the Bay of Islands to the Beehive


The Vietnam War

The Russian Revolutions

Protest in New Zealand

Framing the Frontier

Face to Face

Shaping the Shamrock

Write-on Notes: History


Greek Drama


Our Children Aotearoa (author and editor)

Gardening Handbook for Schools


Pacific Island Recipes for the Heart

Top Tools for Language Teachers

Principles of Tourism

Management Perspectives for New Zealand

Language Passport

Conversation Skills

Write your own CV

Effective Business Communicaton in NZ

Managing Organisations in NZ


Lifespan Development

Home, Land and Sea


Marketing in New Zealand

Using MIS

Transforming Communication

Employment Relations

Dictionary of Accounting Terms

Plumbing Handbook

For New Holland NZ (editor):

The New Zealand Wildlife Activity Book, by Dave Gunson

The New Zealand Nature Activity Book, by Dave Gunson

Green Urban Living, by Janet Luke

Embrace Your Space, by Janet Luke

Gypsy Day on the Farm, by Jennifer Beck & Lisa Allen

Sam Goes Wild, by Jennifer Beck & Jenna Packer

Artists’ Impressions of New Zealand, by Denis Robinson

Lazy Days, by Graham Young

For Huia Publishers  (editor)

Haka, by Patricia Grace

Awatea’s Treasure, by Fraser Smith

Awatea and the Gang, by Fraser Smith

Whetu Toa and the Magician, by Steph Matuku

Whetu Toa and the Hunt for Ramses,

   by Steph Matuku

Flight of the Fantail, by Steph Matuku

Falling into Rarohenga, by Steph Matuku

The Bomb, by Sacha Cotter

    and Josh Morgan

The Marble Maker, by Sacha Cotter

Butcherbird, by Cassie Hart

Tamanui, The Brave Kokako, by Rebecca Beyer

    and Linley Wellington

A Wayfinding Guide to Leading with Wisdom,

    by Chellie Spiller, Hoturoa Barclay-Kerr, and John Panoho

Huia Short Stories 11: Contemporary Maori Fiction,

    various authors

The Whole World is Watching: The 1981 Springbok Tour of

    New Zealand (Ministry of Education)

Nga Hai e Wha [The Four Winds], Maori & Pacific Island  

        short story collection, various authors

Tuna and Hiriwa, by Hipeka Takotowai Goddard

When the Bell Rings, by Maxine Hemi

Santa’s Worst Christmas

Point of Order, Mr Speaker? Modern Maori

    Political  Leaders

The Porangi Boy, by Shilo Kino

For Random House (writer):


Adapted three titles from TVNZ series:

Bumble Camps Out

Meet Bumble and Friends

Bumble’s Missing Drink

For Hodder Moa Beckett (editor):

The Punga People of 90 Mile Beach, Barry Crump

For indie publishers and self-publishers:

Adult & young adult fiction:

Death, Actually, by Rosy Fenwicke

Searching for Summer,

    by Elizabeth Ascot

X Y Z, by William Knight

By R.L. Stedman:

   Upon a Time

   A Memory of Fire

   Ghostly Melodies

   Enchanting Escapes


By Dennis Ingram:


   The Seasoning




Drive, by Scott Butler

The Security, by Scott Butler

Wrath of the North, by Isac Bjornstrom

Orion Rising, by Chard Andrews

Raising Dad, by Darrin Renner

Little Land of Loose Endings, by Darrin Renner


Ekata, by Dominique Law

Fortissima, by Sara Kingsley

Broken Silence, by Helen Vivienne Fletcher

Underwater, by Helen Vivienne Fletcher

Nothing Bad Happens Here, by Nikki Crutchley

By D.C. Grant:

   Three Times Dead

   What Love Is

   ‘Catch Jason Shaw’ series:

     Speed, Velocity, and Maneuvers

Robyn Hood, Outlaw Princess, by John Reynolds

‘Generation Icarus’ series, by J.L. Pawley:

    First Flight; Second Chance; Third Time
; Final Stand

Icarus Origins (novellas), by J.L. Pawley:

    Kestrel; Falcon and TuiOwl and Raven

By T.J. Green

   Tom’s Inheritance

   Twice Born

   Galatine’s Curse

Jane Inside, by Jane Thomsen

I Am Not Joe Donovan, by Robyn Anderson

Republic, by Leon Paul

High Office Whispers, by Mario Dhingsa

Maps of Bliss and Rage, by Mario Dhings

Teine Samoa, by Dahlia Malaeulu

Tama Samoa, by Dahlia Malaeulu

Junior fiction:

The Telegram, by Philippa Werry

The Other Siter, by Philippa Werry

Lily Max: Slope, Style, Fashion, by Jane Bloomfield

    (Luncheon Sausage Books)

Lily Max: Sun, Surf, Action, by Jane Bloomfield

    (Luncheon Sausage Books)

Figlet and Chutney and the Mysterious Explosions

   by Elizabeth Pulford

By Sarah Johnson:

   The Bold Ship Phenomenal

   The Spaghetti Giraffe

   The Spaghetti Giraffe and the Egg of Courage,

The Prankster and the Ghost, by R.L. Stedman

Dragon Defenders Book 3: An Unfamiliar Place,

     by James Russell

Loopy Lucy: Flying with Hubble, by C.V. Aramakutu

Loopy Lucy: International Outhouse, by C.V. Aramakutu

Loopy Lucy and the Monsters on Mars, by C.V. Aramakutu

The Ginomees (series), by Ali Foster, published by IFWG Publishing, Melbourne. The Rejects;

    The Clonestone; The Cave at the End

         of the Universe

Sally Bangle: Unexpected Detective,

     by Melinda Szymanik

There’s no Such Things as Humans,

    by Helen Vivienne Fletcher

Chittens to the Rescue, by Julie Scott

Symphony Smythe and the Baked Bean

    Birthday Party, by Christine Hurst

Symphony Smythe Wants a Pet, by Christine Hurst

Eltarlie, by Michele O’Neill

There’s No Such Thing As Humans

  by Helen Vivienne Fletcher

Lucy Lavender and the Topiary City,

     by Julie-Ann MacCulloch

The Adventures of Lily and George,

    by Jennifer Roth

Lumen, by Shara Curlett

Electric Pioneer, by Viv Walker

Zip and Thunder, by Sean Gallagher

A Bowl of Friends, by Terry Delaney

Creative Space, by Kate Dean

Pixiehaven, by Katrina Macintyre

Picture books:

by Deborah Hinde:


   Hollybee Hope Wants a Pricky Coat

  Sleep, Little Kiwi, Sleep

by Deborah Hinde and Sarah Johnson


   The Garden’s Secrets

Scary Tales, by Judi Billcliff and Deb Hinde

by Kat Quin Merewether

   Kuwi’s Rowdy Crowd

   Kuwi and Friends Maori Picture Dictionary


   Kiwicorn’s Flurry of Feelings

Magic Mistakes, by Belinda Blecher

Why do Grandpas get Grumpy? by Fleur Benn

Fizzy Pop, by Emma Vere Jones

    and  Kate Snushall

A Rose Grows, by Jane Thomsen

Jin’s Great Escape, by Maria Artho

Charlie’s Big Mystery, by Rita Ford

How the Sloth Got its Smile,

    by Bob Zaslow

Leo the Leaf, by Bill Barker

Hello! Kia Ora! Welcome new friend!

    by Rachel Weston

The Purple Pig, by Cat William

Tractor Dave, by Rachel Numan

Non-fiction, inc biographies:

Blade NZ: Travel Stories from the Road,

    by Matt Earle

We Who Are Marines, by Bailey Williams

The Emotional Challenges of Immigration,

    by Ellie Baker

Under a Himalayan Sky, by Margaret Jefferies

Over the Fence, by Marnie Rutherford

The Bravest Guy, by Harry Wedewer

The Life You Want, by Camilla Watson

by David Riley (Reading Warriors)

   Samoan Heroes

   Fanene Peter Mavia, Son of Samoa

   Stacey Waaka

  Pacific Coastal Watchers

   Pai and Vau

   Nuie Heroes

   Reading Tribe

   Joy Cowley – Kiwi Storyteller

Right Beyond the Horizon, by Christopher Many

Paris on a  Prayer, the Dylan Groom Story,

    by Angela Groom

Waiting for the Fat Fairy, by Julie Crabbe

Domestic Drama and the Baby Mama,

   by Quiana Mills Martinez

High Office Whispers, by Mario Dhingsa

How to Self-Publish a Children’s Picture Book,

    by Yvonne Jones

Dorling Kindersley UK

(in-house project and senior editor)

Look Closer: natural history series for 7–12-year-olds.

Project editor on 4 titles:

    River Life

    Tree Life


    Swamp Life

Animal Snaps: card game for pre-schoolers

(devised, wrote and edited)

DK Factopedia (children’s encyclopaedia): Project editor and contributor, 3 sections: The Living World, The Earth, and Transport and Communications

Children Just Like Me (multiple award winner): author and project editor , with photographer Barnabas Kindersley

    DK Millennium Encyclopaedia (6-volume box set):

    senior editor

London Zoo (press officer)

Zoo News (distributed to Friends of London Zoo, plus UK    

    media):  Deputy editor and contributor

Freelance writer UK

The Early Times (national children’s newspaper, UK):

    Travel column (1.5 years); Wildlife column (2 years)